Getting our datasets up there

As indicated in a previous blog, I have been exploring the automatic creation of synthetic datasets using Stable diffusion. As I am now generating many images at a very rapid clip, I was looking for a tool to review, edit and annotate the pictures.

Recently our friends at ONESTEPAI portal opened their portal to new users. They offer an attractive online AI model training option for those with “no AI knowledge”.

I was intrigued by their DATA MANIPULATOR. As seen below, I could upload my pictures and edit them. The GUI is pretty quick and easy to use. Discarding some of the images while quickly annotating the rest was pretty trivial.

I first edited the pictures under the classifier tag:

After that, I added bounding boxes to be used for training an AI image detector.

Once I was done, OSAI allowed me to download the dataset too. I selected this option as I wanted to review the annotated data further.

In a next blog, we will train an image classifier model using OSAI AutoML capabilities.

Until then, happy trails!