Since 2019 we have been involved with the design, development, and deployment of AI-based solutions for our customers and with our partners. Some examples are illustrated below, followed by a short description.

Building a machine learning-centric PKM with Obsidian

This ongoing project will leverage large AI models with knowledge graphs based on Obsidian notes.

Figure: Auto-generated semantic graph

Knowledge graphs and queries are based on semantic information that augments the Obsidian graph.

OnestepAI: AutoML for IoT

Figure: OSAI Portal

We consulted on the design and promotion of a cloud-hosted AutoML solution for people with little AI knowledge. Complete cloud solutions from uploading your image dataset, to training a model to running inferences on cloud-hosted RPI and Jetson Nano boards.

Alftel: Coral EdgeTPU x 12 board

Figure: PCIe gen3 with 12 Coral EdgeTPU on-board

Sourced from Alftel

Custom Coral EdgeTPU (12x) board used to process at very high speed a combination of AI models and remote video feeds.

Mininodes: ARM64 with Gyrfalcon

Figure: RPI4 server with Gyrfalcon AI accelerator

Precursor to OSAI for the cloud hosting of RPI4 boards equipped with a Gyrfalcon USB based accelerator.

Figure: NanoPI server with Gyrfalcon AI accelerator

The smallest AI server!

Figure: Inference server

Example of a custom-trained classifier with a remote web app front-end hosted on an anvil served front-end.

Solidrun: Honeycomb with Gyrfalcon AI accelerator

Figure: CES2020 demo

An ARM64 server with 16 x A72 cores with Gyrfalcon accelerators. Was used in a real-time TV feed streaming application.

Robosensing: Various AI projects

Figure: Solar-powered AI camera and servers

Combining the small form factor and power requirements of an RPI board with a high-speed AI accelerator. Solar energy was enough to power the entire setup.

Figure: BentoAI leaning camera

Few-shot learning application for rapid registering of several new objects’ class.

Figure: CES2020 demo

End-to-end demo

Figure: CES2020 demo

End-to-end demo

Figure: CES2020 demo

RPI4-based Kubernetes cluster equipped with Gyrfalcon AI accelerators.