For companies with a new AI mandate, we provide the following services:

  • Competitive analysis

  • Knowledge system

  • Process automation

  • Tactical software deployment

Competitive analysis

Our competitive analysis service assesses a company’s internal capabilities and external competition to recommend a proper path to pursue.

We believe AI technology is still too intimidating for many businesses or individuals who would benefit from it. This is particularly true for companies without specialized machine learning experience or an AI knowledgeable staff.

The range of AI technology options to evaluate for a business is frustrating. Potential benefits are hard to evaluate. We work with our customers and follow a structured process to identify internal opportunities for positive change.

“Companies without an AI / Machine learning mandate are at a clear competitive disadvantage. They end up left behind losing their customers to more forward looking competitors”.

Knowledge management system

We have built a variety of in-depth knowledge systems to guide us as we assess options for our customers. Beyond our own experience, we exhaustively collect information and success stories that can shine some light on a proper course of action.

Example: Courtesy from Emile van Krieken

We believe that to remain competitive, businesses have to invest in their own Competitive Knowledge Management System (CKMS).

Process automation

Deploying a new AI capability in a company is a process. It is a cross-functional endeavor requiring management to share a vision and the drive to make the proper changes.

“To successfully deploy a new AI-based system, a company has to empower its personnel to become part of the solution”.

There can be a healthy level of doubt about how effective these AI solutions can be. Frequently staff might become concerned that deployed AI systems would result in the loss of jobs. While these concerns might be, in some cases, genuine, the cost of staying with the status quo is too high to ignore for a company.

“Successful companies have a proven area of expertise embedded in their staff and supporting systems. An inclusive process allows current staff to enrich their own professional experience and make strides toward better paying jobs”.

Generally, all parties benefit - Accrued competitiveness and profit for the company. - Acquiring a new experience with deploying and maintaining an AI system for the staff.

Tactical software deployment

We cover all areas of AI systems design and development, including: - Curating datasets - AI model design - AI model training - AI model conversion for CPU, GPU, and AI accelerators - AI-powered web applications - Native applications - Cloud APIs

We can quickly iterate from delivering an MVP to scaling deployments in public/private/hybrid clouds.